Rough Start to the Day

I value my sleep. It is not always easy to nod off as my brain mulls over the trials and tribulations of a hard day. Nothing is worse than being awakened too early. I require at least eight solid hours of shuteye. If you have noisy neighbors, it can be the bane of your existence. If I am really tired it helps. Doing exercise in the evening, even after dinner, helps me unwind and relaxes my muscles. A workout in the gym, however, at a late hour is not always possible. I can watch a good movie, listen to music, meditate, read a favorite book, or try other methods to help me fall asleep quickly and efficiently. Imagine my irritation when I was awakened after a very late night by someone using an electric pressure washer to clean the sidewalk in front of their house. This person was indeed an early bird and inadvertently was making me one. What on earth was he doing? As I looked across the street I noticed some dark berry colored stains on the sidewalk from some kind of bud that proliferated on a nearby tree.

Now I was really up with fully open eyes as I watched this ridiculous scene. Why did my neighbor decide to do the cleanup chore at exactly the most inopportune time? I couldn’t go back to sleep as much as I wanted to, so I got up and dressed myself and decided to go to a local coffee house to have a good Spanish breakfast. I shouldn’t have been surprised that there were other early morning patrons because many people do this before work. They eat, read the paper, and get ready for their day. Mine unfortunately had a rough start. But now I am going to tell you how it got better in no time flat. The cutest man came over to my table to take my order. I couldn’t stop staring at his good looks. I think his presence was going to salvage my day. My food arrived and I was pleased to see how attentive he was as I ate. I lingered for as long as I could before finding that I was going to be pressed for time. Maybe some fantasies had started to form in my mind as I sipped my black coffee. People do meet after all in all kinds of unexpected places and this goes for Barcelona, too.

The morning was progressing and I had a smile on my face. The waiter finally brought me my check. His smile was bigger than mine as he asked for my cell phone number. I handed him the device and suggested that he program it in. Then I would know his name. He did the same for me and I was thrilled to realize that he was indeed going to call. Either one of us could make the first move. A day later he did, sparing me any embarrassment. I wonder if I would have worked up the nerve myself. We started to date and I have to thank my neighbor with the pressure washer for playing a big part in our meeting.