Kim, Christina, Barcelona

I’m enjoying it here very much. I love going to work and I love my students! I never thought I’d be staying here this long, but me and my roommate Christina have extended the lease on our apartment and I guess we’re staying longer than intended! She also fell in love with the city, and I can’t really blame her. The architecture is amazing, the city noises and the liveliness, and the Spanish language chiming in from all sides. Not to sound too romantic, but it’s like a wonderful dream. Every time I look at my favorite watch I realize how quickly time goes by when you’re enjoying yourself.

Not that I don’t miss home, of course I do. I miss my brother and my family and friends, I miss going to my favorite places in my hometown, the museums, and the pubs. Sometimes I get nostalgic, but also feel bad for loving Barcelona as much as I do, but it’s as Alejandro, one of my students, says, you can do both – missing your old home and enjoying your new home. And we weren’t even talking about me, we were talking about a silly movie that he saw on TV! But what he said stuck with me, he made so much sense.

Christina and I have started exploring the city more, now that we decided we’re staying a little longer. We take long walks around the buildings and parks a few days a week, have a coffee to go, or sometimes sit in the cafes and bars if we feel like it. Apart from some colleagues at work, we haven’t befriended any new people, but everyone is usually so friendly, so I think we’ll meet some new friends soon.

Last week we went to a movie for the first time together and it was so much fun. We’d both had a particularly long day that day – I was dealing with a headache on top of planning the school recital for the kids, and Christina just had a long and hard day at work with clients and her boss’ demands. But cinema, popcorn, and beer was a fitting remedy for the woes of that day.

Oftentimes, because we’re not really permanent residents here, our stay feels like one long vacation, even though we have work in the morning. But it’s nice when you’re in a beautiful city, speaking one of your favorite languages, and enjoying your work. So for now, me and Christina will go on exploring Barcelona.

¡Hasta la próxima vez! Xo