Day of Low Budget Pampering

I live and love the city of Barcelona and its cheerful ambiance. It is full of the most amazing Gaudi architecture so I enjoy long walks so I can see the many examples. There is something truly amazing about being a foreigner in such a land. You see things with different eyes no doubt than the natives who are used to everything. Only someone who comes from another country can appreciate the local charm. I am so lucky to have selected this divine place in northern Spain. There were many options for me, but this was number one. I am here with a blog to spread the word.

I walk about in good weather in my favorite sandals because they don’t bind my feet. With other types of shoes, I find that they get swollen and thus they hamper my ability to go really far. Barcelona is the kind of city that is compact enough that you can get around on foot. On other days, you can take a bus or cab, or even ride a bike. There are many motorbikes on the road as they are easy to maneuver and park. Back to the sandals. You can imagine that people see my toes quite well and that I need to keep my toenails manicured. Foot care is part of my regular routine. I like to spend a day pampering myself, and since I don’t always s go to the salon (to save money why else?), it is a low-budget affair. I am pretty good at manicures and pedicures and can style my hair with ease.

A good pedicure begins with washing my feet with soap and water then a soaking in a warm bath of water scented with lemons and oranges. This is the relaxing and refreshing part. I dry my feet after at least fifteen minutes and apply oil to the nail bed to soften it. Overgrown nails are then cut down before filing to smooth them out. Many people like to buff their toenails at this point. I then prune the cuticles and survey anything on the bottom of the foot that has to be done. This means attention to callouses from my foot callus remover and rough skin on the heel. I work slowly and carefully so as not to cut any vulnerable skin. The next step is a mini massage with a lubricating body lotion. This is the part that stands out in a salon. It is not quite the same if you do it yourself. But it is better than nothing.

After the lotion it is time to apply polish. You have to rid the nails of any lotion residue first. A pedicure requires skill and a steady hand. If you slip, you have to clean up misapplied polish with a Q-tip soaked in nail polish remover. You can do it at the end of this phase or as you go nail by nail. Once you have applied to two coats and a protective top coat, you let your toenails dry for an hour and then you are ready for those revealing sandals.